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Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

Pedele river recreation and nature trail opening
Saturday, the 10th of October in Valka and Valga there will be opening of Pedele river recreation and nature trail. At 14:00 there will be the opening of the orienteering trek.

The maps will be available from 14:00 – 15:00 on the crossroads of Rīga and Raja str. There will be 2 control points on Valka side (Latvia) and 4 – on Valga side (Estonia). The competition will last till 18:00, and the winner will receive a bike!

The trail will be officially opened at 16:00. Afterwards the heads of the Valka and Valga city will bike the new cycling route. The band “Campari” will play meanwhile.

From 17:00 – 19:00 the band MEIE MEES will play.

During all day it will be possible to meet the talismans – walking landmarks Pēteris (LV) and Peeter (EE).

The event is free of charge and the participants are required to take passports with them.

Additional information: Līga Pandalone, +371 64723705

Date: 09.10.2009



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