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Golden autumn offer in Turaida
As every autumn, there is a lot to see in Turaida. Here you can find the most popular attractions for this year’s autumn.

Every day till October 31, the visitors can attend 35 expositions and exhibitions in Turaida castle. If you would like a guided tour, please, contact the museum before by calling: +371 67971402, +371 29570925 or e-mail:

For those, who would like to experience the history in more unusual way, the museum offers interactive educational programmes. The most popular attraction today is the one, which allows to become a medieval person and learn the ancient writing as well as many other skills. More information available in

During the first two weekends of October in Turaida museum there will be blacksmiths, archers and other people from the medieval community. The participants will also have a possibility to make coins, shoot with the arrows as well as to dress in the knight’s armor. There is also a concert planned on 11th of October, when the Estonian men’s quire “Kaevur” from Kohtla will sing.

The museum welcomes its guests and wishes a pleasant journey!


Prepared by: Anda Skuja

Date: 05.10.2009



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