Krievu Angļu Latviešu

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Celmi, holiday home

Mazais Ansis, guest house

A recreation centre with a great cuisine

Minhauzena unda, Hotel

Modern hotel with conferencing possibilities near seaside

Hotel Dikļi castle****

Unique historical and cultural monument

New in hotel “Ērgļi”
Starting from the 10th of September in Thursdays and Saturdays in hotel is available certified massage from Larisa Rekuņenko and Maruta Anzone.

Different massage for special points;

Massage for head, nape and neck;

Massage for waist and nates;

Back massage;

Massage for whole body;

Special Indian massage for feet

The length of massage is starting from 20 minutes. You should apply three days in advance! After the massage you will have a cup of amazing herb tea.

Also you could apply for other procedures:

Gymnastics witch is connected with the body deep muscles! The time for this gymnastics is each week on Thursdays and Fridays starting from 4 pm. The length of section is 1 hour.

Yoga on each Sunday. The length of section is 2 hours.


More information is available by calling to 64871604 or 29482053



Date: 08.09.2009



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