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Sigulda adventure 2009
Sigulda adventure – it is adventure in the capital city of autumn! Take the risk in adventure park Tarzans, get new feeling of freedom in Aerodium wind tunnel, and see Gauja from the rope wagon!

Sigulda Adventure Park is a place for active recreation which includes various original open-air activities. The Park is located in Sigulda, in the territory of the Gauja National Park. The upper part of it is located in centre of Sigulda, the lower part is situated in the ravine, near the beach of the river Gauja. The big height difference - 91m made it possible to develop successfully the park’s first entertainment – tobogganing track.


Package ticket

Package ticket includes all presently available activities offered by Sigulda Adventure Park.
The ticket’s price is Ls 16 for adults and Ls10 for young people up to 17 years (including).
This ticket is the perfect present for every active person!
You will save 25% from standard price by purchasing the package ticket, – when, for example, you visit Tarzan’s park and pay Ls12, then by adding 4LS you get a ticket ,which  usually cost Ls 18. 
It includes Catapult Ls 4, tobogganing + chair lift Ls2 and Stromberg’s bicycle Ls 2.

Are you looking for a school graduation present? You are welcome –Package ticket’s price for youth is just Ls10, it means that you are presenting fun and memorable adventures   at least 4 hours long. You are free to spend the ticket until the end of season, November 1.

Aerodium and wagon is offering:

-          get acquainted with Aerodium – how it is made and how does it work;

-          watch the movie about gays from Aerodium – their participation in Turin Olympic Games;

-          Follow the theoretical instructions and preparation for flying;

-          Get special costume, helmet and protection glasses;

-          Warm-up in training;

-          Watch instructor flying in the air;

-          Fly;

-          Check out the Sigulda wagon on the Gauja


Excursions are available all autumn long; from 10am till 4pm. Offer is made for groups, starting from 10 people.


Aerodium + Sigulda wagon costs 9 lats 


Source: Sigulda TIC

Date: 04.09.2009



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