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Nāras, guest house

Hotel Ērgļi

In the middle of Ērgļi! Popular among skiers!

Vonadziņi, guest house

On of the biggest leisure centres in Vidzeme

Gulbene - Alūksne railway

International movie festival “Baltic pearl” movie in Cēsis castle ruins on the 26th of August!
The name of the movie is “8”.

This year the movie comprises many world-wide known movie producer short films, touching the issues, which are important for all humans.


Actors: Jan Abdull, Bob Geldof, Harry Grinvud, Chris Heywood, Di Adamss and others.


The movie will begin at 9 o’clock. The ticket price is 1 lats.


Source: VVTC

Date: 24.08.2009





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