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Cēsis Art Festival “Cēsis 2009”
This year Art Festival “Cēsis 2009” will be three weeks long – from the 25th of July till the 15th of August.

Cēsis Art Festival is going to take place for the third summer in turn this year. High quality events in art, theatre and music will be available during the three weeks of the Festival in Cēsis. The Festival is going to take place from July 25 till August 15 this year.

Contemporary art exhibition “Heroes of Our Time” will be opened at the Cēsis Old Brewery at 18 hours on July 25, which is the opening day of the Festival. Several internationally renowned Estonian artists are going to take part in the exhibition this year along with the Latvian artists.

Leonard Bernstein’s concert performance of musical “Wonderful Town” will be performed at the Cesis Castle park at 21 hours the same day.
When coming to Cēsis it will be possible to enjoy an art event every day. Or even several events – by visiting the contemporary art exhibition “Heroes of Our Time” and attending a concert in the evening.

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