Krievu Angļu Latviešu

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Ezergribieši, country-house

For those, who want to escape from the busy life in the big cities, and enjoy the relaxing countryside nature

Hotel Ērgļi

In the middle of Ērgļi! Popular among skiers!

Valmiermuiža brewery

Lācītes, recreation park

Borderrock – Latvians and Estonians on one stage!
On the 8th of August starting from 3 pm will be Latvian and Estonian festival Borderrock, which will take place in Valka open-air stage. There will be 13 bands and 2 DJ tents.


The festival will give deeper insight in the Latvian and Estonian underground music. Line-up: Bagi-ra (LV), Crimson (EST), Monologs divatā (LV), Echo Plant (EST), Basta (LV), Saterios (EST), Tumors (LV), Ans.Andur (EST), Židrūns (LV), The Flowers Of Romance (EST), StandArt (LV), She walks drunk (EST), Neprodukts (LV).

Also there will be 2 DJ tents – PA, K Kut Man, Chupachups, Tomtom, Volt, Fanatic, Vecais metējs, 2B, Deelis, Slavco, Mednis, Dexpistols, as well as Latvian art and design internet shop In the territory of festival will be small tent city with buffet. The entrance fee is 5 lats.

Friends of Borderrock:, radio Naba, radio SWH, radio Valka, Super Getto, Ritmika, Jet Operation, Unfinished Skyscraper, Oger.


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