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[11.01.2008] International puppet exhibition in Cēsis Exhibition hall
From 12th of January till the 3rd of February an International puppet exhibition will take place is Cēsis exhibition hall. There will be puppets from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

1st International puppet exhibition has arrived in Cesis from Lithuania International culture centre, which organized this exhibition last december. Ināra Liepa, latvian puppet-maker believes that the valuable cooperation with Lithuanian colleagues will also benefit the art of puppet making in Latvia. Therefore the first exhibition was opened in Cesis. The dolls exhibited here are made in various techniques - porcelain, textile etc.


"This is a very lovely and interesting exhibition. The puppets comes in various sizes and will surprise and cause positive emotions in all audiences" says Nata Livonska, head of Cesis exhibition hall.


The visitors also can get acquainted with the special literature and materials, that are used to make the dolls, as well as vote for the best and most interesting puppet.


Cēsis Exhibition hall
Pils square 3
Tue.– Sun.: 10.00 – 17.00
Entrance fee: 
adults - Ls 1.00;
children, students, seniors - Ls 0.50





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