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Etienne Mbappé with the band Su La Také in Saulkrasti Jazz festival
On the 25th of July in Saulkrasti relaxation complex „Minhauzena Unda“ will be the final concert of International festival Saulkrasti Jazz 2009. Concert begins at 7 pm and it will be participated by world wide known Cameroonian bas guitar artist from Paris Etienne Mbappé with the band Su La Take.

The festival is taking place from the 20th till 25th of July.

All information concerning tickets will be provided later.

The artists in the group

                   Etienne Mbappé  — bas guitar, main vocal

                   Cate Petit — vocal

                   Laurent Bonnet — saxophone, flute

                   Jim Grandcamp — guitar

                   Cedric Baud — guitar

                   Nicolas Viccaro — percussion instruments

External links

    Etienne Mbappé — iTunes 

 — Listen Etienne Mbappe Su La Také albumu MySpace Music

    YouTube - Etienne Mbappe Amazing bass solo with Steps ahead Summer 07 

YouTube - Etienne MBAPPE - Live Bass solo - Dunkerque Jazz Club 2008 

    YouTube - Etienne MBAPPE (Bass) & Clément JANINET (Violin) Reggae Groove 

YouTube - Etienne MBAPPE Bass Live intro solo



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