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Restaurant-bar "Tālava"

From 1st of May in Dikļu castle will be opened new terrace
In terrace you could taste tasty vine and new Valmiermuiža beer. For children there will be special ice-cream and sorbet.



Baked helix with special garlic – green butter, tomato fillet and crunchy beget – 2.50 lats

Traditional Elsa fire-cake with bacon, onions, Roma caraway white sauce and spring onions – 2.20 lats

Baked rye-bread with garlic, dried tomatoes and basil sauce – 1.60 lats

Season lettuce assorts with Parma cheese and olive-oil sauce – 1.40 lats



Baked chicken fillet – 1.40

Cold curdle salmon – 2.30

Baked tiger-shrimps – 2.50


Baked apple pay – 0.80

Fruit salads – 0.70


Date: 29.04.2009

Source: Dikļi castle



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