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Grašu pils, guest house

Duntes Urdziņas, guest house


Mazais Ansis, guest house

A recreation centre with a great cuisine

Music and art in Cesvaine castle
On the 30th of April in Cesvaine castle will be event dedicated to Cesvaine 800 year anniversary


At 5:30pm “The maps of castle visitor” presentation in castle garden – “Cesvaine Tourism center”.


At 6pm The clarinetist duo


At 6:10pm in castle central balcony will be saxophonist quartet


At 6:15pm in the castle left wing fist floor balcony will be vocal troupe


At 6:20pm in the castle left wing second floor balcony will be flautist troupe


At 6:25pm in castle terrace will be chamber ensembles


At 6:45pm in castle tower third floor hall will be the opening of the exhibition


At 7pm in castle tower fourth floor hall will be the opening of another exhibition


At 7:15pm in castle tower music hall will be string quartet


At 7:30pm in castle big hall will be orchestra, string quartet and Cesvaine mixed choir


The publication date: 28.04.2009

Source: Madona TIC



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