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[09.01.2008] Saulkrasti – the town closer to the Sun
At the very end of the last year the logo and slogan for Saulkrasti was chosen, which will be the identification sign for the city. The slogan is "Saulkrasti – the town closer to the Sun" In the logo there is the Sun, sea and road.

The submitted slogans and logos were evaulated by the specialists of local municipality, culture and art, and as the author of the best logo was chosen Leonīda Kovalasa-Kovaļevska from Saulkrasti, but the best slogan - Atis Šnēvilis from Rīga. The jury also decided to award Marika Vītiņa, Sanda Rumpētere, Aleksandrs Bulikins and Inese Muižule.

There wre 38 ideas submitted, even more than one from an author, so the application deadline was extended to 28th of December, 2007.

The submitted ideas can be seen in Saulkrasti library.




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