Krievu Angďu Latvieđu

Members of VTA

Restaurant-bar "Tâlava"

Građu pils, guest house

Ezergribieđi, country-house

For those, who want to escape from the busy life in the big cities, and enjoy the relaxing countryside nature

Hotel Tigra - CLOSED!!!

Newest and most modern conferencing centre in Vidzeme

Everybody will find something suitable for good weekend in Valmiera!
The 3rd – 5th April

Valmiera culture centre


Valmiera art school student work exhibition “World in lines and colors”


Holly Sîmanis church



International youngster choir festival from 1 pm


Valmiera study of local history museum (exhibition hall)


Friday and Saturday


Exhibition about Valmiera history (1783. – 1949.) “Say me, Gauja, Valmiera story”


Sandra Konstante personal exhibition “Art of stepping back” opening on Friday at 4pm


Gallery “Laipa”:


Friday and Saturday


Roberts Muzis and Agata Muze art work exhibition (paintings) opening on Friday at 5pm


Cinema “Gaisma”


Fantastic movie “Race to Witch Mountain


Séance 03.04 – 05.04. – 3:10pm and 5:10 pm


War drama “Valkyrie”


Séance 03.04 – 05.04. – 6:50pm and 9:05 pm


Night club “Karç


Friday – hits from 80th and 90th


Saturday – “Retro party”




Friday – DJ Edgars & DJ P-Jam


Saturday – Drive me crazy, DJ Farids, DJ Gauchis & DJ Edgars


Night club “Rutniňi”


Friday – eArtworks party with DJ Klavito


Saturday – “Russian party”



Vidzemes Olympic centre: public ice-skating



Valmiera study of local history museum (exhibition hall)


From Tuesday to Saturday 10 am – 5pm



Holly Sîmanis church


Working days 11 am – 5 pm


Saturday 11 am – 5 pm


Sunday 1 pm – 2 pm



Gallery “Laipa”


Working days 10 am – 6 pm


Saturdays 10 am -3 pm


Sundays – closed



Valmiera the legitimate drama theatre (cash-desk)


Working days 10 am – 6:30 pm


Saturdays 11 am – 2 pm and one hour before play


Sundays – one hour before play



Valmiera integrated library


Working days 10 am – 7 pm


Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm



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