Krievu Angļu Latviešu

Members of VTA

Ungurmuiža, guest house

Hotel Ērgļi

In the middle of Ērgļi! Popular among skiers!

Hotel Dikļi castle****

Unique historical and cultural monument

Avoti, Motel and camping

New and modern sports and recreation complex

In Cēsis New Castle will continue the reconstruction works
The reconstruction works will be in the castle 3rd and 4th floor, the 2nd floor will be finished soon.

In the 3rd floor will be conference room and relaxing room.

In the 4th floor will be exhibition hall – gallery, also planned library and museum exhibitions “Cēsis – Latvia’s history symbol”. In New Castle also will be lift in all floors.


The reconstruction will be finished in the summer of 2012.


Source: VHTC

Date: 30.03.2009



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