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[08.01.2008] In Sigulda a toll-free cross-country ski track has been opened!
Already the second year the society "A2" together with Reiņa Trase offers everyone a toll-free cross-country ski track

During the last winter this campaign gained a big popularity in society, especially in the families which love winter sports. This year everyone can ski for free, thanks to the Sigulda area municipality, Riga districts sports initiative centre, SIA "Petrol"  Fischer and Swix representative in Latvia, A/S „Latvijas Gāze” and SIA „Strim Auto”.

At the moment there are about 300m of prepared track, and the snows is beeing actively generetaed, so at the end of the week already 1.3 km would be available.

This year there will be more flat surfaces, so beginners can feel more safely. Starting from the 8th of January, a ski-rent will be opened with more than 70 pairs of brand-new Fischer skies.

The track is lit up. More info

Prepared by Sigulda TIC



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