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Easter events in Cēsis
From the 9th till 13th of April in Cēsis will be different Easter events

On the 9th of April at 6:30 pm Green Thursday big dances


Place: Cēsis Culture centre


Participants: children


On the 11th of April at 9am Farmers and artisans market


Place: Rose square


On the 11th April at 11 am North Latvia-South Estonia competition in archery LIVONIAN CUP 1st round


Place: Cēsis castle garden


On the 12th of April at 1pm Easter fun in Cēsis


Different Easter games in Cēsis


On the 13th of April at 4pm Easter oratory


Place: Holy John church


Kady Plaas, Risto Joosts, Mati Turi and Gundars Dziļums.


Source: Cēsis TIC

Date: 20.03.2009



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