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Mazais Ansis, guest house

A recreation centre with a great cuisine

Minhauzena unda, Hotel

Modern hotel with conferencing possibilities near seaside

Narrow gauge train from Alūksne to Gulbene

Hotel Tālava

Easter events in Cēsis
From the 9th till 13th of April in Cēsis will be different Easter events

On the 9th of April at 6:30 pm Green Thursday big dances


Place: Cēsis Culture centre


Participants: children


On the 11th of April at 9am Farmers and artisans market


Place: Rose square


On the 11th April at 11 am North Latvia-South Estonia competition in archery LIVONIAN CUP 1st round


Place: Cēsis castle garden


On the 12th of April at 1pm Easter fun in Cēsis


Different Easter games in Cēsis


On the 13th of April at 4pm Easter oratory


Place: Holy John church


Kady Plaas, Risto Joosts, Mati Turi and Gundars Dziļums.


Source: Cēsis TIC

Date: 20.03.2009



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