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Cafe-bar "Silmači"

Minhauzena unda, Hotel

Modern hotel with conferencing possibilities near seaside

Recreation centre "Rāmkalni"

Rubene Lutheran Church

Church, where latvian Indriķis has worked

Wonderful Christmas together with Banitis
From December 17 till January 6 It is told that the guards of the darkness have dug an underground tunnel in the forests of the narrow gauge railway and hid the light in there. After hearing about it Elves searched for the tunnel, and they still are making plans to free the light and are calling for helpers.

If you also want:

  • to enjoy merry journey in comfortable coach,
  • to make plans and explore Hades together with naughty Elves,
  • to go a long way from the Darkness to the Light,
  • to take part in different activities near Christmas tree and bonfire,
  • to meet Santa Claus,
  • to taste Elves’ snacks

then come visit us! 

Departing from Gulbene station – 13.25

Return to Gulbene – 16.45 

Tickets – Ls 4

Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) – Ls 12 

Information and application – +371 644 730 37, +371 268 121 04 
* Events are only in advanced applications!

* It is possible to order Christmas presents (Ls 2), Latvian national Christmas works and catering; 

On December 26:

  • A journey to great Christmas tree in Banitis land;
  • Wonderful 12 months of year for beauty and joy;
  • Labyrinths of happiness for calmness;
  • Casting of happiness at bonfire.

Departing from Gulbene station – 13.40

Return to Gulbene – 17.30 

*Banitis is the only narrow gauge railway line in the Baltic that is still operating since 1903.



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