Krievu Angļu Latviešu

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Hotel Dikļi castle****

Unique historical and cultural monument

Vestiena, guest house

Celmi, holiday home

The sauna house “Dārziņi”(Virķene) is offering sauna for special spring prices!
Sauna house: From 27.02. – 01.05. (sauna, banquet hall, relaxation room for 20 persons) for 50 lats (sauna 6 hours + overnight stay).

Extra – heated tub under the sky for 30 – 45 lats (depending from the amount of people)


Guest house: 120 – 150 lats


Address: Viļķene, Viļķenes district

Limbaži region.

Telephone: +371 26523482 (Dzintra), 28383520



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