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Photo campaign “Cēsis in winter!”
In March, after the campaign in new TIC building – in Cesis Visitor centre, in Pils square 9, there will be exhibition concerning those photos. There are just two rules – in photos there must be seen Cesis city and district objects, and photo should be taken in winter.

You should submit photos in Cesis TIC, as well as TIC regional bureau, in Piebalga and Pargauja TIC. Desired dimension for photo should be stating from 13x18 cm. The submission deadline is till the 20th of March. The limit is up to 10 photos, either is real or digital format.

For most successful authors – surprise gifts from Cesis TIC.


More information:

Cesis Tourism Information centres

Pils square 9, Cesis

Telephone: 64121815, 28318318


Skype: cesu_tic

Home page:


Pargauja TIC

Cesis region, Straupe district, Brasla Street 2

Telephone: 64132214; 26533401


Skype: pargaujas_tic 

Home page:


Piebalgas TIC

Cēsu region, Vecpiebalgas district, „Cīrulīši”

Telephone: 26565977


Home page:



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