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Grašu pils, guest house

Grašu pils, guest house

Silmači, recreation centre

The biggest recreation centre in Vidzeme!

Krastmaļi, guest house

[09.02.2009.] Valentinday in Cēsis and Cēsis region
Parties in many places in Cēsis and Cēsis region

Fonoclub (Cēsis)

At 10 pm Valentinday party

Entrance for free


Nītaure windmills (Nītaure, Cēsis region)

At 9 pm party “Nītaure windmills” for people who love rock’n’roll and romantic music.

Group “M-BI”

There will be entertainments, cake and champagne

Entrance fee: 10 lats for one person

Applying by e-mail:


Cēsis culture centre (Cēsis):

At 9 pm party

Will play Ina and Ivo

Entrance fee 2,5 lats


CATA culture centre (Cēsis):

At 10 pm Valentinday hit party

Will play Andris Skuja

There will be cafeteria, flowers and dances.

Entrance fee 2,5 lats



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