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Avoti, Motel and camping

New and modern sports and recreation complex

Bçrzi, guest house

Rehabilitation Center Lîgatne, hotel

For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!

Tavern "Mazais Ansis"

[09.02.2009] Electronic reduction card “Sigulda stick” is offering new tourism routs
Magnetic reduction card “Sigulda stick 24h” is offering the opportunity to choose three different 2 day routs.

Route “Two green days in Sigulda region” and game “Wonder field” – walk by Allaţi nature paths, “Vienkoči” park, horse rent in “Happy land”, guest house “Nîtaure windmills” and green day in “Green basket”.


Route “Two active days in Sigulda together with family and double power for next week” – see Râmkalni, Touraida museum reserve, park “Meţakaíis”, bicycle tour in Sigulda, ride in Sigulda rack track, fly in “Aerodium” vertical wind tunnel, visit More Battle museum.


Route “Two days together with friends” offer the opportunity to visit Lçdurga, Bîriňu castle, sleep in guest house “Giant broom”, “Brűveri” or in hotel “Krimulda”. Second day there is opportunity to see Turaida museum reserve and ride with boats in Gauja.


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Source: Sigulda TIC/SRTB



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