Krievu Angļu Latviešu

Members of VTA

Oāze, guest house

Ezergribieši, country-house

For those, who want to escape from the busy life in the big cities, and enjoy the relaxing countryside nature

Nāras, guest house

Camping "Apaļkalns"

Near lake Raiskums

[02.02.2009] On the 20th of January was Russian mass media and tourism company visit – photo from event
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Photo: Raitis Sijāts, head of the board of Vidzeme Tourism association


Vidzeme region development head of the board Nikolajs Stepanovs

Raitis Sijāts (the head of the board of Vidzeme tourism association) presentation

The owner of manor house Jurģis Ābele

Wolfs manor house first owners from 18th century

Soviet Union time barmaids



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