Krievu Angļu Latviešu

Members of VTA

Camping "Apaļkalns"

Near lake Raiskums

Lācītes, recreation park

Oāze, guest house

Rubene Lutheran Church

Church, where latvian Indriķis has worked

[19.01.2009] In Ozolkalns and Žagarkalns have started campaign “Try with neighbor”
From the 17th of January there will start to work joined Ozolkalns – Žagarkalns ticket.

This kind of campaign will work each weekend.

The price for ticket is from 7 to 10 lats, which allows skiing up to 4 hours.


Also there is available free bus, which is driving from one hill to other with 15 minutes interval.


The new thing in Ozolkalns is skating rink.





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