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Celmi, holiday home


Celmi, holiday home

Hotel Jumurdas muiža

Excellent relaxation in countryside!

[17.12.2008] Today winter season starts in skiing and relaxation park “Ozolkans”
Skiing and relaxation park “Ozolkans” has opened skiing and snowboard tracks.

Good snow quality has been provided in “Zaķu” track.

This year the hill will operate also on Monday and the web cameras have been installed.


There have been introduced joint Ozolkalns – Žagarklans tickets, which allow to use both hills. In Ozolkalns are working chair ski-lifts, two T-Bar ski-lifts and small beginner ski-lift.


There is also available instructor service.


Children room is situated in second floor above cafeteria; there is possibility to drive with semi-professional hill sledges.





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