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[02.12.2008] Association “Lattūrinfo” is electing new board
On the 25th of October there was Latvia tourism information organizations association “LATTŪRINFO” meeting, where the new board and the chairman was elected.

The new board: Aivita Heniņa – director of Ogre TIC, Anita Priedīte – chairwoman of Rīga TIC, Gunta Zaķīte – chairwoman of Sigulda TIC, Ingrīda Smuškova – chairwoman of Tukums TIC, Līga Kondrāte – chairwoman of Ludza TIC, Daina Liepiņa – chairwoman of Koknese TIC and Daina Vinklere –  dean in International tourism faculty of business colleague “Turība”. The chairwoman of the board is Gunta Zaķīte.


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