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[01.12.2008] The gnomes gingerbread workshop will be in country house “Donas”
From the 1st of December till 14th January in “Donas” which is situated near Smiltene, in Blomes district, will be gnomes’ gingerbread workshop.

Program will last for 3 hours at it comprises:

Participation in different attractions with surprises,

Discover the history of gingerbread,

To make your own Lucky gingerbread,

To taste gnomes’ soups and gnomes’ healthy drinks,

To tell fortune is grounds of the drink and laugh,

Participate in gingerbread fete with gnomes and their friends.


In order to participate in gnomes gingerbread workshop, you should apply in advance by calling 26425426 (Ilzei Briedei), participation fee 3, 50 lats.


See you in the Gnomes’ gingerbread workshop!




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