Krievu Angļu Latviešu

Members of VTA

Ezergribieši, country-house

For those, who want to escape from the busy life in the big cities, and enjoy the relaxing countryside nature

Krastmaļi, guest house

Hotel Jumurdas muiža

Excellent relaxation in countryside!

Tavern "Mazais Ansis"

[28.11.2008] Vidzeme tourism association year award 2008 laureates (+Photos)
In Vidzeme, Latgale tourism conference there also was awarded best Vidzeme tourism entrepreneurs in 16 nominations.



Active tourism

Recreation park “Sigulda adventures park”

Owner Ivars Ciaguns


Culture tourism

“Vecgulbene manor house complex

Owner Jurģis Ābele and Elmārs Pitura


Ancestors’ heritage maintenance

Farm “Lejas Kleperi”


Catering facility

Restaurant “Aparjods”

Owner Edmunds Siksne


Lodging for the night

Guest house “Brūtes”

Owner Iveta Boša


Private collection offer in tourism

“Saulkrasti velomuseum”

Owners Jānis Serēgins and Guntis Serēgins

Nonmaterial cultural heritage maintenance and involvement in tourism

Druviena district council


Innovation tourism product

Discount card “Sigulda stick”

Prepared by the head of Sigulda regional tourism association Dace Vanaga


Winter offer

Skiing base “Žagarkalns”

Owner Juris Žagars


Positive emotions stimulating object

Z/S „Malteni” pony farm

Owner Jānis Jakimenko


Healthy lifestyle and healthy food popularization

„Sautlāči” biological farm healthy plant open-air functional exposition manager

Jānis Ulmis


Industrial heritage maintenance and involvement in tourism circulation

Lrd. „Gulbenes – Alūksnes bānītis”

The young generation educational place

Ošupe district council for investment in the young generation patriotically education Colonel Oskars Kalpaks native house “Liepsalas”

Health resort tourism offer

Jūrmala city museum

Untraditional country yard

Countryside house „Jurguci”

Owners Kristiana and Matīs Vaski

Old profession honoring

„Nēģu tači”

Owner Aleksandrs Rozenšteins



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