Krievu Angļu Latviešu

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Narrow gauge train from Alūksne to Gulbene

Lāču miga, guest house

Cosy restaurant and guest house with especially good cuisine!

Hotel Ērgļi

In the middle of Ērgļi! Popular among skiers!

[11.11.2008] HOTEL SEGEVOLD beneficial offers for November
CANDEL NIGHT on 18th of November at7 pm

*Glass of campaign

*Pork terrine encased in bacon with dry plums and red bilberry jam

*Neat medallions with spice strawberry jam and potato pancakes

*Red bilberry apple pie with honey ice-cream

*Tee or coffee

Offer for two persons: 25 lats


Latvia 90th anniversary celebrations together with hotel SEGEVOLD

Offer is available from 15th till 18th of November.


1 night

From 27 lats for 1 person or 43 lats for 2 persons


*breakfast in restaurant

*super in restaurant (3 meals)

*Special present from hotel SEGEVOLS

*Late depart 18/11 (for free)



2 nights

From 50 lats for 1 person or 83 lats for 2 persons

*2 breakfasts in restourant

*1 dinner in restaurant (3 meals)

*1 hour relaxation in relaxation complex

*Special present from hotel SEGEVOLD

* Late depart 18/11 (for free)

* Parking


ALL NOVEMBER GOOD PRICES (from 6th till 30th of November)

For 1 person – 23 lats

For 2 persons -32 lats

In price is included: breakfast, VAT, Wi-Fi, parking



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