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Rubene Lutheran Church

Church, where latvian Indriķis has worked

North Vidzeme biosphere reserve

Duntes Urdziņas, guest house

Ķoņi mill

"Kaķīša dzirnavīņas" from K. Skalbe's fairytale

[11.11.2008] first sweet souvenir for Cēsis
In Cēsis Visitor centre – Tourism information centre, Pils square 9, it is possible to buy special dark chocolate plates, on the surface which has name Cēsis, made from white chocolate.

While the 90th Anniversary of Latvia is coming, Cēsis Visitors centre is offering special symbols – with numbers and fire works ornamented candles and candlesticks, teapots, ceramic, porcelain and opal cups, as well as glasses and linen bags.

Source: Cēsis TIC



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