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Cçsis Tourism equipment rent

[27.10.2008] Organ music festival “Vox angelica”
Organ music festival VOX angelica in Dubulti Lutheran church. There will be six concerts from 1st till 18th of November.

Organ music festival VOX ANGELICA concert program

1st of November

At 5 pm

Festival opening concert “Latvia organist top 10”


8th of November

At 5 pm

Concert “Organ and girls voices”


9th of November

At 5 pm

Concert “Organ and opera voices”


15th of November

At 5 pm

Concert “Organ and nature voices”


16th of November

At 5 pm

Concert “New organ stars”


18th of November

At 12 am

Festival closing concert

Republic of Latvia proclamation concert


General sponsor – The Jurmala council


Supporting – VKKF (State cultural funds), SEB bank, Family TV, Radio Classic, Jurmala Week, Lielupe garden centre, DELFI.


Entrance – contribution for organs.


Producer: Edîte Alpe.



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