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[14.10.2008] In Ogre was Vidzeme tourism association autumn meeting of Marketing council
On 8th of October in Ogre region guest house “Aļņi” there was VTA (Vidzeme tourism association) meeting of marketing council

The head of VTA Raitis Sijats informed about Vidzeme region government visit in Finland from 2nd till 5th of September. After there was information about “Development of bicycle tourism in Vidzeme and South Estonia” and actualities from “Livonia-Maritim2”.


The assistant of the head of VTA Marketing council Guna Ķibere was informing about the process of developing “Vidzeme tourism map 2009”.   


At the end of meeting the head of Ogre region TIC Aivita Henina and the head of Valmiera TIC Ilze Liepa were sharing the experience about trip to Great Britain from 20th to 28th of September.


Next VTA Marketing council meeting will take place in December.


Information made by:

Sanita Soma, telephone 29130437



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