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[08.10.2008] Golden autumn in Turaida
In Turaida museum reserve you could observe more then 30 exhibitions, which are located in Turaida brick castle and in manor house historical buildings. In Dainu hill you can see sculptor Indulis Ranka sculptors.

In Turaida brick castle you can see expositions, with a lot of information about Turaida castle building history and Turaida as well as details of Riga archbishopric. In castle you could also see old guns, prison, warm-air stove and bishop working room.

It is worth to see old Turaida wood church. Near you can see memorial site of Turaida Rose.


In holidays it will be possible to see exhibition “Turaida museum reserve in year 2007” and in Turaida castle yard to shot with Middle age arcs.


Anda Skuja

TMR The head of Social relationship department



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