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Bērzi, guest house

Rehabilitation Center Līgatne, hotel

For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!

Silmači, recreation centre

The biggest recreation centre in Vidzeme!

Bērzi, guest house

[12.09.2008] Autumn chamber music festival in Cesis exhibition house
On the 17th and 18th of September in Cesis autumn chamber music festival there will be pianist Diāna Baibusa Zandberga, Agnese Egliņa and clarinetist Mārtiņš Circenis


Pianist Diānas Baibusas – Zandbergas piano concert


In Cesis Exhibition house


On the 17th of September at 6 pm


Tickets: 1 lats (for students and pensioners – 0.50 lats)



Autumn chamber music festival – GRAND DUO


In Cesis Exhibition house


On the 18th of September at 6:30 pm


Mārtiņš CIRCENIS (clarinet), Agnese EGLIŅA (piano)


Tickets: 2 lats (for students and pensioners – 1 lats)



Source: Vidzeme History and Tourism center



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