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Hotel Kalna ligzda

Small and cozy hotel in Smiltene

Minhauzena unda, Hotel

Modern hotel with conferencing possibilities near seaside

Hotel Jumurdas muiža

Excellent relaxation in countryside!

[03.09.2008] Banitis festival 2008
On the 6th of September in Gulbene – Aluksne narrow gauge will celebrate it 105th anniversary, which will be different from other years. First time Banitis will manage 11 voyages all day long – 5 trips from Gulbene to Aluksne and 6 trips from Aluksne to Gulbene.

On Banitis it is possible to buy day ticket and get bracelet, which passengers can use all day in all 11 trips. There will be different concerts and attraction in four stations – Gulbene, Stameriene, Paparde and Aluksne.





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