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[28.08.2008] New nature path near Valka – Veksu nature path
Path is situated in Valka region, 2.1 km from Ziles, and it is like continuation for Ziles nature path.

Path is 0.5 km long and it takes 45 minutes to manage it. Path has many stands with information concerning:

1)      plan diversity in dry and chalky meadows

2)      100 years old oaks with rodents who eat rotten deciduous trees

3)      River flood meadows

4)      Old rivers and how they have developed


Nature path is situated in pasture territory, where are many meat livestock. So, it means – don’t try to reach and feed them without owners’ permission.


It is possible to arrange individual excursions with more detailed information. Excursion lasts for 50 to 100 minutes (approximately 2 km). It is necessary to call Sanita and apply for excursion in advance by 26375441.


Also there are possible to have a place to sleep near Gauja bank.



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