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[15.08.2008] Six time in Valka there will be Latvian and Estonian National opera concert
Six time in Valka there will be Latvian and Estonian National opera concert which will take place on 30th of august at 5 pm in Valka city cultural centre (Valka, Emila Darzina street 8.)

Tickets are available from 11th of August at “Ticket service” in whole Latvia and in first floor of Valka city cultural centre; every day from 9am till 5pm. Ticket price is 5, 7 and 10 lats. Tickets are available by calling 64723705 or 29440558. Reserved ticket should be bought till 27th of August, because after this date all unreserved tickets will be sold.


Concert program


I part


V. A. Mocarts                overture for opera „ Dons Žuans”




V.A. Mocarts                 Cerlinas aria Vendrai carino from opera „Dons Žuans”,2. act


Kristīne Gailīte


V. A. Mocarts                Papageno aria Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja from opera „Burvju flauta”


I. Erdmanis


V. A. Mocarts                Paminas and Papageno duet from opera „Burvju flauta”


I. Erdmanis, K. Gailīte


G. Doniceti                   Preludio e coro d'introduzione from opera “Mīlas dzēriens”


Orķestris, choir, I. Šļubovska


G. Doniceti                   Nemorino cavatina Quanto è bella, quanto è cara from opera “Mīlas dzēriens, 1 act


A. Kanniņš, I. Šļubovska


G. Doniceti                   Adinas cavatina Della crudele Isotta, 1.act


Kristīne Gailīte, Inga Šļubovska, choir


G. Doniceti                   Nemorino aria Una furtiva lagrima from opera “Mīlas dzēriens, 2. act


Andris Kanniņš


G. Doniceti                   Adinas aria Prendi; prendi, per me sei libero from operaa “Mīlas dzēriens”, 2. act


K. Gailīte


Ž. Bizē                          Eskamiljo  kuplejas from opera „Karmena”


I. Erdmanis, choir


K. M. Vēbers                 Koncertino to clarinet and orchestra                        


Edmunds Altmanis /clarinet/



II part


Dž. Gēršvins Fragments from opera PORGIJS UN BESA


Klāras lullaby Summertime


Kristīne Gailīte


Porgijs and choir I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'


Rihards Mačanovskis, choir


Sportinglaifa and Marijas duet Listen her...


Ilona Bagele, Andris Lapiņš


Porgija and Besa duet  Bess, you is my woman now...


Aira Rūrāne, Rihards Mačanovskis


Choir Oh, I can’t sit down ...


Sportinglaifs and choir It ain’t necessarily so...


Andris Lapiņš, choir


Krauna and Besas duet What I want with other woman


Imants Erdmans, Aira Rūrāne


Porgija and Besas duet I wants to stay here


Aira Rūrāne, Rihards Mačanovskis


Sportinglaifa singing There’s a boat dat’s leavin’soon for New York...


Andris Lapiņš


Porgija, Serēnas and Marijas trio Bess, oh where’s my Bess...


Rihards Mačanovskis, Ilona Bagele, Inga Šļubovska


Final choir Oh, Lowd, I’m on my way


Rihards Mačanovskis, choir


L. Bernsteins ČIČESTERAS PSALMI – II part                          


Risto Josts


More information


Valka cultural centre event organizer for adults Līga Pandalone, 64723705, 29440558






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