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[06.08.2008] In the weekend – Valmiera is going to celebrate 725th anniversary
From 7th to 9th of August Valmiera is going to celebrate 725th anniversary. Slogan for this anniversary is “Say me, Gauja, The story of Valmiera”.

The festival will begin on the 7th August evening in the stadium of J.Dalins with group “Brainstorm”.


On the 8th of August at 3 pm in the museum of Study of local history there will be opened art exhibition by World Latvians called “For Latvia - fathers’ land”, as well as exhibition “Say me, Gauja, The story of Valmiera” concerning city history at 5 pm.


The opening concert is going to begin at 8 pm at open-air stage in castle ruins. There are going to play bagpipe and drum band “Gallop”, “Blues brothers from Ogre”, new choirs and soloists. At 10:30 pm at the left bank of Gauja between central bridge and Goat rapids, because there will be light and musical performance “Evening inscription for Gauja”. After it will be possible to see digital exhibition “Postcard of Gauja” in castle ruins. In the middle of night the Windmill lake promenade will be opened.


On 9th of August from 10 am till 2 pm in Valmiera town square, old town, as well as in the square near Hanzas wall and near Windmill lake threw will be market “The anniversary big pretzel”, festival “Honey day 2008” and other activities.


At 8 pm in Valmiera open-air stage there will be festivity concert “Valmiera is celebrating!” There will be playing band “Melo M”, symphonic orchestra from Liepaja with soloists Kristine Gailite and Sergejs Jegers. Anniversary will be closed by band “Flora” and “911”.


Entrances in all performances are for free.


Also it is possible to get more detailed information by calling – 22187644.


In nearest future in portal it will be possible to find city map with marked places for all events as well as parking places.


Source: Valmiera city council



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