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[01.08.2008] The new castle of Cesis will be opened by first beer exhibition in Latvia!
In 2nd of August visitors will have a unique opportunity to be first who will see New castle of Cesis and Cesis History and art museum in castle premises. In opening day Castle will be opened from 10 am till 10 pm and entrance for all visitors will be for free.

There will be three exhibitions:


Exhibition “New castle of Cesis: history, research, restoration.”


Exhibition “130 years for industrially brewed beer of Cesis (The contribution of Cesis brewery to develop city)”.


In the second flour of new castle will be the 21st International water-color painting exhibition including commemoration exhibition for painter Peteris Rozenbergs. In November 2008 the exhibitions will be replaced by festive exhibition “From song till National country”, which is dedicated to 90th anniversary of Republic of Latvia.


Cesis New castle opening hours:


From Monday to Thursday and Sunday


From 10 am till 7 pm


Friday, Saturday


From 10 am till 10 pm


Entrance fee:


For adults – 2 lats


For children, students, pensioners – 1 lats


Source: The History and Tourism centre of Vidzeme



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