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[24.07.2008] The new way how people can move in Sigulda has been discovered
From 14th on July in Sigulda has started to work new transport – electro transport. This transport is aimed to lead all interested people to most beautiful and popular tourism objects in Sigulda.

This small electro transport has 5 seats, it is opened and without windows. It can reach up to 20 km per hour.

It will be situated in the square of station. It will be possible to ask for different routes.


The telephone number in order to make reservation - 26022919


The cost for different routes:


Station – The Festival square – 4 lats

Station – The Sigulda park – 5 lats

Station – The hill of Heaven – 6 lats

Station – The Gutmana cave – 12 lats

Station – Turaida – 16 lats

The route of the city (Station – The Festival square – The Stick park – The Sigulda park – Station) – 8 lats

Individual routes – 35 lats for one hour


Price is not dependent from amount of people. Ride takes place without getting out and then way back is for free.


Source: Sigulda TIC



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