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[24.07.2008] Concerts for free in nature “Concert hall in nature: Hydropsyche instabilis”
On 25th of July 2008 near the Libiesu caves of sacrifices in Salacgriva the nature scientists, poets, video and light specialists and singers will open the secret of Svetupe, but on the 1st of August in the Gauja bank near the park of Valmiera will be Nature concert.

Concerts which will be free of charge start at 9:30 pm and continue till midnight.


The events will start at 7:30 pm when hydro biologists and ornithologist will show the water habitants’ world in real life as well as under microscope. Also there will be opportunity to learn how to measure precisely the quality of water and how to build the house for caddishly.


Also there will be place available to build tents (more information –


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Source: The council of Valka



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