Krievu Angďu Latvieđu

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Zeltiňi, guest house

Rehabilitation Center Lîgatne, hotel

For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!


Laimes ligzda, recreation centre

[23.07.2008] the creative camp “Bright note 2008” will take place in Staicele
From 3rd to 8th August 2008 in Staicele there will be creative camp “Bright note-2008” for Latvian saxophone and vocal performer in manner of jazz which name has been given after Raimond Raubisko concurs “Bright note”.

Additional information:, tel. 29416513

- the council of Staicele – Arija Bakmane (tel. 26577564)

- the producer of camp – Alvils Altmanis (tel. 29611636)


Source: The council of Staicele



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