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[19.07.2008] A trainee from Germnay will work in Cēsis TIC
This summer and autumn from 7th of July till 26th of September a trainee from Germany will work in Cēsis TIC

Bjorn Mattner is German who, with a help of German company Comhard, has started to offer 9 month courses called “Travel & Touristik Coordinator” and three from those month he will spend in Cēsis for the purpose of obtaining practical knowledge in tourism field.


Comhard is company situated in Germany, which has close collaboration with Social funds of Europe and together they teach adults and further offering different carrier opportunities in European Union.


This project is tailored to unemployed persons from Germany. The courses begun in February and March 2008, in the framework of those courses it is possible to work three month for another company in European Union.


Project gives opportunity to accumulate unique knowledge by working in the field like tourism, mass media and entrepreneurship.


In Tourism information centre Bjorn will have a duty to work with foreign tourists, make new routes for bicycles, develop tourism homepage, look for and analyze hotels, guest houses etc.


Source: Cēsis TIC



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