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Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

Krastmaļi, guest house


Oāze, guest house

[14.07.2008] Exhibition “Sigulda schnitzel” in Turaida
Starting from 27th of July in cafeteria “Tourist” of Turaida it is possible to see exhibition “schnitzel of Sigulda. Social feeding within the district of Sigulda in soviet times.”


In 60th/80th of 20th century the social feeding is closely conn

ected with politics of Soviet Union – give freedom for women to be free from home works and get opportunity to participate in social, cultural and production. In Sigulda and district of Sigulda there were approximately 30 enterprises that provide people with food – restaurants, cafeterias, buffets and kiosks. This exhibition gives insight into the field of feeding; it shows the specific work of cooks, waiters and other workers. From 20th century photos of 60th /80th there will be seen barmaid Basja, the musicians of restaurant “Gauja”, cafeteria “Turaida”, other known as “Pea”.


The new exhibition concerning the social feeding is good supplement for offer of Turaidas museum reserve. At the moment exposition of museum reserve for culture heritage in Turaida district is chronologically ending at the beginning of 20th century. Exhibition concerning social feeding in soviet times is good continuation for the story of millennial cultural heritage of Turaida. Besides each visitor, before or after visiting exhibition, has a possibility to taste schnitzel “Sigulda” in cafeteria of “Tourist”, as well as other food, which recipes has overcome the time probation – solanka, grey peas with bacon etc.


With a help of culture funds exhibition is provided by specialist of Turaidas museum reserve and PPA “Segevolde”. The museum reserve is saying thank you to all habitants of Sigulda, which shared their experience connected with work in public feeding. Exhibition will be open till the end of tourism season 2008.


Information by:

Ieva Vītola,

The main specialist

of Collection bureau of Turaidas museum reserve



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