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Rehabilitation Center Lîgatne, hotel

For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!

Lâču miga, guest house

Cosy restaurant and guest house with especially good cuisine!

Vonadziňi, guest house

On of the biggest leisure centres in Vidzeme

Avoti, Motel and camping

New and modern sports and recreation complex

[11.07.2008] Take your participation on photography competition in Madona!
The Vidzeme regional information centre council of Madona district is announcing “photography competition in Madona”, where each person could take part, if he has been applied for participation in competition according to rules of “photography competition in Madona”.

The aim of photography competition is to make selection of interesting, attractive and artistically qualitative photography in order to make informative tourism editions for Madonas district and put those photos in region home page


Photos should reflect the region of Madonna and its’ social activities and they must cover following issues:


? The objects of historical heritage located in region of Madona (monuments, churches, castles, manors, museums and etc.),


? The nature objects and landscapes in region of Madona,


? The photos reflecting relaxation in tourism services and other objects (lodgings for the night, cafes, the farm households, places for relaxing and etc.) in region of Madona,


? The cities, districts and rural municipalities of Madona region (streets, squares, parks, buildings, people and etc.),


? The cultural, sports and entertainment events in region of Madona,


? Recreation (boating, bicycling, fishing, skiing and etc.).


Applicant, who within the framework of competition rules will win (first place) gets present in form of money in amount of 150 Lats, second place will receive 100 Lats. Third place will receive 50 Lats. In addition 30 to 50 photos will be specially selected. For each selected photo author will receive 10 Lats.


The deadline for applying to this competition is 15th October 2008.

The rules for competition you can read here or

The rules for competition is possible to receive in council office of region Madona (room 215.), 1 Saieta square.


Source: TIC of Madona



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