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[11.07.2008] The assistants for tourists will start to work in Jūrmala
While the amount of tourist is growing in Jurmala, the need for all kind of information related to tourism is also needed

This is the main reason why from 1st of July the second year in a row there will start to work project “The assistant of Jurmala”, which is implemented trough Tourism information centre by council of Jurmala.


Project is successfully retaken from experience of tourism information centre in Helsinki, where it is implemented each summer and now has become for very successful tradition in Jurmala. The project is represented by youth people from Jurmala, who will help tourists in Jurmala to orientate, inform about city events, thereby they will try to test their skills and abilities in field of tourism – learn how to communicate with people from different countries, use their knowledge of foreign languages in practice. Before starting to work, the assistants of Jurmala have been enlightened about issues concerning questions and situations when tourists need help. The assistants of Jurmala will be dressed in special uniforms and they will have all information related to events which take place in Jourmala.


The youth people will be in Majori, Dzintari and Bulduri, in places where are majority of tourists – in railway stations, in Jomas street, in the beach, in Juras street, in Turaidas street and elsewhere. All assistants of Jurmala have ability to communicate in English and Russian languages. In the end of the project each “assistant of Jurmala” will receive certificate.


Source: Jūrmala City Council



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