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[10.07.2008] Ride of poetry 2008 also in Valka – Valga
Institute of Finland, institute of Estonia, the Latvian embassy in Estonia and the Finland embassy in Latvia are organizing the Ride of poetry. This year it will start from Helsinki. The first performance is predicted to take place on Helsinki Linnameki open air-stage on Friday the 4th of July at 12 pm.


In a poetry ride poets from Estonia, Finland and Latvia with an autobus are going to visit all before mentioned countries by reading poems in Estonian, Finish and Latvian languages. In Ride of poetry this year there are participating Karl-Martin Sinijärv and Eeva Park from Estonia, Claes Andersson and Anja Erämaja from Finland, as well as Eduard Aivar and Agnese Krivalde from Latvia.


The ride of poetry is made original by movement, because each year there are different performance places and poets. Thereby many poets have opportunity to participate in poems of three different countries. Similarly while all poets are traveling together, they have opportunity to know each other better, as well as know more about other author works.


After performance in Helsinki and Kajaani, the poetry bus in framework of poem festival will be going to Estonia, where there will be poem readings at culture house Kannel of Võru on the 7th of July at 6 pm, but in 8th of July at 2 pm it will perform at culture house of Valga. The ride of poetry will finish not far from guest house “Alkas” in Trikāta district of Valmiera region on the 8th of July at 6:30 pm.


You can look here to see the poster of event


Additional information


Source: TIC of Valka



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