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[05.07.2008.] Minhauzen returns to home – in Lejasciems!
From 1 to 3 August in Lejasciems (in territory of open air-stage of Lejasciems) there will be 10th huntsman festival “Minhauzen 2008”.

The competition will be in such sport fields as: shooting for respectable huntsman, running hare, Minhauzens’ bullet shooting machine, running elk, repairing of Lejasciems water wire, distance estimation, tourism, duck hunting, fame “zolīte”, hunting studies, fishing, car pulling and inspection of feeding places.


It is useful to remind, that festival is returning at home – in Lejasciems where it took place for the first time in year 1999.


The festival is organized by Hunters association of Latvia, board of Lejasciems district and hunters association “Lejasciems”.

The festival statutes



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