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[10.07.2008] In Ape there will be 35th “Vaidava Cup”
The strongest sportsman from all last years will be gathered together in Ape on 13th July for 35th “Vaidava Cup”.


The participation in this sport competition has been confirmed by many sportsmen, which surnames don’t ask further questions. Estonia will be represented by Tanel Leok, Aigar Leok, Juss Lānso, Gert Krestinov. But the “Vaidavas Cup” won’t be given away without strong competition from almost all best Latvian motorbike drivers. Firstly, Lauris Freibergs, as well as Agris Ļitvinovs, Leon Kozlovskis and Mārtiņš Aleksandrovičš, who has promised to be on line after serious injury. Also there will be opportunity to follow the new Latvian motorbike drivers – Matīss Karro, Dāvis Līva and other driver performance in motto track.


Intense competitions are predicted in crew and Quadra cycle classes. Organizers hope, that in very hard motto track of Ape, the main favorite for “Vaidavas Cup” will be Artis Rasmanis, who is going to participate the third year in a row and try to get back the lost title. First time in Latvia spectators will have an opportunity to see competition for motorbikes in mini class. Just third year after “rebirth” “Gold motorbike” cup in circuit of Ape in becoming international, because there will be participation from Estonian drivers. Spectators will be surprised, because some famous people from Latvia are going to take participation with motorbikes. Organizers are welcoming all former soviet motorbike owners to participate in “retro gathering”, because this kind of competition takes palace just one time a year. Nonetheless organizers are predicting the biggest crowd in united solo motorbike class for amateurs.


Source: The council of Alūksnes region




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