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[10.07.2008.] Liar festival in Dunte manor
On Saturday 26 of July 2008 just before declaring the eventual war against England the famous free gentlemen Minhauzen and his life never-fading Jakobin are going to kindly inviting in his manor of Dunte to Big LIAR FESTIVAL (Ulubele, Lielupe district, Limbažu region)


Many people has good memories about international WORLD LIAR GATHERING held in museum of Minhauzen on year 1999, when many short story writers from different age groups were fighting for titles and presents, for glory and success. This summer festival you can call as prolusion for preparing to gathering on tenth anniversary. Thought this year starting from 3 pm there will be competition for Title of Big Liar and competent jury will be lead by Eric Hanberg. If you want to apply for position in this competition call 40 65633 or write to, because the gifts will be adequate to real liar. Jury will try to figure out who is really lying in Latvia: meteorologists or politicians, bosses or labor, students or professors, vendors or buyers, fathers or mothers…


There will be opened new relaxation object on the popular Forest Path of Minhauzen. What? At the moment Minhauzen is keeping this as a secret. Only known thing is that there will be side note: “We don’t advice entrance for children under 16! Minhauzen”.


Starting from 12 pm in territory of manor there will be bargaining with useful things and training for fellows, baron will show off his strange garden for animals, city for small children will be opened, the money for manor will be forged, ice-cream parade, the favorite wine auction of Jakobin, as well as taking pictures for a folks from manor in a festive costumes of 18th century.


There will be surprise following each other. The bank for technique ideas will be working all the time, unrepeatable “Grandmothers’ aerobic”, the barons’ buffet for most exquisite taste and exciting dances with musicians of Kokmuiža. The prizes will be falling from clear sky. Also it is useful to keep entrance ticket with you, because all of them will be involved in lottery.


Entrance fee:

3 Lats for students

5 Lats for adults



“Smile, gentleman! Serious face – this isn’t feature of your intellect. Exactly with this kind of expression in face people has been talking the most foolish things on the world. Smile!” (baron Minhauzen)



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