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[15.06.2008] Pictures from the visit of the State Tourism Development Agency overseas office managers to Vidzeme
From 5th till 6th of June, the representatives from the State Tourism Development Agency overseas offices visited Vidzeme



Brigita Stroda, head of State Tourism Development Agency's London office

Managers of STDA overseas offices (Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, London) with the Daiga Falkane, Agnese Ramata, Inga Vilde and Raitis Sijāts in Sigulda

Andris Neimanis - (Head of Cēsis District Council) giving presents about Cēsis district 

Visit to Ratnieki

Conference in Ratnieki
Daiga Falkane in Līgatne

Līgatne underground bunkers

In Amatciems together with Aivars Zvirbulis

In Amatciems together with Aivars Zvirbulis

Boat trip on river Gauja till Valmiera

Ķoņi mill





Photo: Raitis Sijāts



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